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Kennedy Gardens Elementary School

Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe


About us

About us

Kennedy Gardens Preschool believes each child has unique needs and aims at meeting or exceeding those needs. Each child learns from experience. Our school environment is nurturing and comforting which conduces learning. Our educators strive to facilitate learning by meeting children's needs. Thematic curriculum allows children to make connections from experience.


Phone: 760-768-3844
FAX   :  760-768-3845
Daily Activities

Daily Activities

Preschool Program:
1. Table Toys and Games/Math
2. Housekeeping/Dramatic Play Area
3. Science/Discovery/Nature
4. Sand and Water Play
5. Books/Language/Computer/Writing
6. Blocks
7. Art/Creativity Area
Small Group Learning Experiences:
1. Oral language expression and writing skills
2. Music, art, science, cooking or psychomotor
3. Outdoor activities
4. Story time/dramatization
5. Math skills


Please call the Preschool to obtain a registration packet.
Por favor llamen al prescolar para obtener el paquete de matriculacion